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Beekeeper’s Hangzhou Domestic Green Bee Industry Co., Ltd. builds domestic brands. The beekeeper’s display in front of the world is a kind of down-to-earth, hard-working corporate image and also more objectively points out the company’s leading position in the industry. We are convinced that the Beenong’s brand will be devoted to the highest quality and healthy bee products through the joint efforts of the company’s beekeeping base and national honest beekeepers.

The beekeeper’s brand story—an ancient book records that Shennong was the ancestor of our country’s peasants. Beemon’s family is the ancestor of our beekeepers. The beekeeper’s family has been apiculture since childhood, and its honey taste, color and aroma are almost harsh! He made use of the most primitive and oldest honey-making process to make savory honey, making it a must-have for every condiment, and became a necessity for the tribute of the imperial court at that time! It is precisely because of this person’s superb honey technology, the posterity respectfully calls it “Beekeeper!” Evergreen Apiculture adheres to the beekeeper’s ancient tradition of honey-making technology to produce the freshest and most authentic pure bee products from beekeepers, so that the honeybee’s honey production process can be preserved so far. Carry forward!

Brand spirit: natural, original, pure.